Gallery #1 of Porcelain Art
Porcelain art work Galleries contain artwork by members of SFPAC.  Some of the artist's
work below is original and done entirely by the artist themselves from their own photos or
freehand from their imaginations.  Some are copies of famous artworks.

Some of the paintings  below are painted by professional teachers who belong to the China
Painting Teachers of Texas organization.
Jane Marcks - Artist
copy of Queen Elizabeth as a child
June Watson
Cherryl Meggs
Alice Wofford
Peggy Harrup
Stella Shilling
Joanna Burch
Susan Thumm
Faye McClain
Dianne Moore
Cynthia Pinnell
Frances Davis
Janet Nelson
Victoria "Vicky" Dean
Nancy Rollins
Shirley Oney
Sandy Anderson
Melanie Dorosiack
Mary Ann Wheeler
Sandy Long
Bobby Jean Yeats
Pat Sibigtroth
Pat Sibigtroth
Texas Porcelain Art