Lessons by Cynthia Pinnell and Joanna Burch
Texas Porcelain Art Clubs

First Fire:  centers- lemon yellow shaded with bright yellow and yellow gold or yellow brown.

Paint in green centers.  Petals- blood red- paint in petals wipe our stamens, paint in a few lines
and wipe out a few lines.

Paint in background leaves and berries, then wipe petals back out.

Berries-light blues ,bright blues, (shadow side), pinks and rubies on bright side, then wipe out seed shapes starting from the outside. Some of the
background berries are done in blood red and browns. Do not mix up colors too much. Paint in sepals in light and mid greens.

Stems in greens or red with a little green mixed in or just a light brown. Shadow leaves and other shapes are just a grayed colors of the paints you are
using like brown + blood red, or green + red, or black green+ blue, or violet of iron+ blue.

Second fire- deepen centers, leaves behind flowers and the shadow side of berries. Add washes of color to your background.

Last fire you will use your black green, blue green, browns , violet or iron and blood red to deepen little sections behind everything and a little line work.
Your berries will need some accents darks in the little tiny holes between you seeds.

Happy painting, Joanna Burch
   Wild Roses and Berries

 by Joanna Burch
By Cynthia Pinnell - Graham, Texas